Thursday, December 6, 2007

Studio Culture Policy Draft

This semester a diverse team of students and faculty have been working to create a draft of the first official Studio Culture Policy for the Hampton University Department of Architecture. It is their hopes that visitors to this site will read it and make comments before an official policy is adopted in mid January of 2008. For your ease, it has been broken into sections:


Sharing (Ideas and Resources),




Just click on the image next to each of these topics and a larger window should appear. You may reply with comments or questions.

We look forward to hearing your voice!!!

Bemis Culture Survey Results

Early in the fall semester of 2007, students participated in a limited survey regarding various aspects of studio culture. They were asked to write "true" or "false" after being exposed to a series of statements. About 77 survey forms were submitted out of a total of approx. 160 students in the department. Below is a chart showing the results. The numbers in the columns represent the total number of actual student replies (they are not percentages). Please feel free to make comments or engage in dialogue about the results.